Dr. Priyanka's Diet Doc


Ans. We can calculate your Fat% with the help of body measurements and the calculations based on the same.

Ans. No, it is not like that, one has to eat all the food groups and a balanced diet to achieve your health goal.

Ans. No, it is a one-time test and based on the same we can make the changes which can be followed for the lifetime.

Ans. Brocas Index- According to which if you subtract 100 from your height (in cm), you get your IBW [IBW= Height (in cm)-100].

Ans. No, any fat source needs to be taken in a restricted quantity. The quantity depends upon the individual’s body composition and health conditions.

Ans. It’s a big myth. Food being an integral part of our survival plays a very important role in all aspects of life. Losing weight is very small part of it.

Ans. We, at Diet Doc, believe in empowering our clients with appropriate knowledge and equip them to be their own health master. This process may take 1, 3 or 6 months, based on client condition, after which client can carry on with the healthy practices for life on their own.

Ans. Ironically, diet plays a more important role when one is on medication and undergoing a treatment. Correct diet assists in the healing process and do not intervene with the medicine effectiveness.

Ans. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Diet, for a particular person, is made based on his/ her individual physiology, environment, work culture, social background etc. A diet working for a person in South India may not be exactly suitable for a North Indian. One size fits all do not work well here.